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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free WiFi in 47 Major Airports Until January 15th

From now until January 15, 2010, Google is offering free wireless Internet access at the following 47 airports across the country, and in the air on Virgin America flights.

* Austin (AUS)
* Baltimore (BWI)
* Billings (BIL)
* Boston (BOS)
* Bozeman (BZN)
* Buffalo, NY (BUF)
* Burbank (BUR)
* Central Wisconsin (CWA)
* Charlotte, NC (CLT)
* Des Moines (DSM)
* El Paso (ELP)
* Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
* Fort Myers (RSW)
* Greensboro (GSO)
* Houston Hobby (HOU)
* Houston Bush (IAH)
* Indianapolis (IND)
* Jacksonville, FL (JAX)
* Kalamazoo (AZO)
* Las Vegas (LAS)
* Louisville (SDF)
* Madison (MSN)
* Memphis (MEM)
* Miami (MIA)
* Milwaukee (MKE)
* Monterey (MRY)
* Nashville (BNA)
* Newport News (PHF)
* Norfolk (ORF)
* Oklahoma City (OKC)
* Omaha (OMA)
* Orlando (MCO)
* Panama City, FL (PFN)
* Pittsburgh, PA (PIT)
* Portland, ME (PWM)
* Sacramento (SMF)
* San Antonio (SAT)
* San Diego (SAN)
* San Jose (SJC)
* Seattle (SEA) [late November]
* South Bend (SBN)
* Spokane (GEG)
* St. Louis (STL)
* State College (SCE)
* Toledo (TOL)
* Traverse City (TVC)
* West Palm Beach (PBI)

While free access is a good thing, there are some risks that passengers should be aware of. One of the earliest podcasts in 2006 addressed this issue. You can find additional advice about the use of personal electronic devices at

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drunken Passenger Escored Off Plane In Philadelphia

A passenger who was deemed unruly and disruptive by the flight crew on a Philadelphia-to-London jet caused that flight to be diverted to Boston where that passenger was arrested.

Glasgow resident John Alexander Murray's arm was in a splint and he allegedly refused the crew's requests to keep it out of the aisle. They say he then became belligerent and demanded to be taken back to Philadelphia.

Murray was arrested after US Airways Flight 728 landed at around 11 p.m. Monday November 16, 2009. The plane departed for London two hours later without him.

Murray pleaded not guilty to a charge of interfering with a flight crew, and was ordered to return to court December first.

Notes from
Extreme misbehavior by unruly passengers, often called air rage or sky rage, can lead to some tense moments in the air and may even put crew members and passengers at risk. Reasons for such behavior include excessive alcohol consumption, smoking bans, crowding, and long flights, psychological feelings of a loss of control, or problems with authority figures.

Also, pay attention to tip #9 from's Top Ten Airline Safety Tips - The atmosphere in an airliner cabin is pressurized to about the same altitude as Denver, so any alcohol you consume will affect you more strongly than at sea level. Moderation is a good policy at any altitude.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 Is the New Home of This Blog

If you have enjoyed the Complain About Your Airline blog, then head on over to the new home of this blog, Like this blog, it was created by the people behind This new site features complaints from the Complaint system, as well as advice on how to avoid the most common customer service problems faced by passeners.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Rude Flight Attendants Take it Out on Passengers

Airline: United
Date: 20 October 2007
Location: En Route Buenos Aires to IAD

I wish to complain in the strongest terms about the customer service that I received recently on October 20, 2007 on flight UA846 from Buenos Aires to Washington Dulles.  I was seated in seat 18F.  The cabin crews were serving dinner.  Up to that point service had been OK but somewhat short.  The staff made repeated irritated announcements about not getting up when the seatbelt light was on and reprimanded a passenger for pressing the service light when the seatbelt light was on by asking the customer to put his hand up to identify himself.  I know that it is a requirement for passengers to remain seated at these times but there are ways to make these kinds of announcements in a professional and polite way. 

The female cabin crew member was coming up the aisle serving dinner.  I had taken one of my headphone ear pieces off so that I could hear her but I thought that she was talking to customers in front of me as she was not looking at me and I could not hear her above the cabin noise.  I was shocked when I heard her reprimand someone for not paying attention to her but did not realize that she was talking to me until she walked past me without serving me (I was waiting expectantly with my table lowered).  When it became clear that she was not going to serve me I asked her for a meal and she rudely replied that I should have paid attention to her.  I did get my meal a few minutes later.  She continued to provide unprofessional service to other customers throughout the flight.  This is especially surprising in that she did not know at this point if I even spoke English.  Her colleague, an older balding man with a mustache heard the interaction but did nothing about it.  The man next to me in seat 18E and the two woman in the row behind me did hear it and sympathized afterwards (they planned at the time to send in complaints of their own).

These two ladies kindly identified the hostess as Laura (a tall African American woman with blond hair).  I heard her and another male staff member be rude to several other passengers during the flight (in full view of their colleagues). As a final insult, near the end of the flight when the crew was picking up the leftovers from breakfast the same female crew member picked up my empty box.  I also had a half full cup of coffee, just as I was lifting it to my mouth she picked it out of my hands while asking if I had finished.  By the time she finished the question my cup was gone! 

The overall atmosphere during the flight was like a war zone, crew members against the passengers.  It was such a relief to find that the staff on my next flight, to San Francisco, were normal – that is they were polite, respectful and helpful – everything that was lacking on flight 846.  I plan to fly to S. America in both of the next two years, if I thought there was any chance of meeting this cabin crew again I would purchase my ticket from another company regardless of price.  In 30 years of flying this is the worst customer experience I have ever experienced on an airline.